Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do you know Elda Morrison?

Do you know Elda Morrison?

Here's what we know. Elda Morrison has her name on the photograph accompanied by the phrase "Year 1930-31." We assume this means the school year and probably the year she graduated.

Here's what we were able to find out. On September 3, 1933, Elda L. Morrison married Everett T. Muhr in Banner County, Nebraska. Based on this we can assume Mrs. Elda Muhr was born in January 29, 1914 and died July 27, 1995. She is buried in the Chalk Creek (Hackberry) Cemetery in Banner County, Nebraska.

Based on these dates, she would have been 16 years old in the photo, younger than a senior would have been. She would have been married at 19 and would have been 81 when she died.

After more searching, I found that she was born in Colorado and died in Riverside, California. Her mother's maiden name was Galbraith.

According to the 1920 Census, she was living in the Steen Precinct of Cherry County, Nebraska (Cherry County is also the home of Valentine). However, the census shows her as being four, nearly five years old. And there is no sister by the name of Pauline living in the household (we're also pretty sure she has a sister or mother named Pauline, more on that in later post). With the age close, the census also shows she was born in Nebraska. The rest of the census for the district (three pages total) lists five teachers. An unusually high number for a rural area that could indicate a large school in the area (like maybe Valentine) but we were unable to find where "Steen" was located.

We also found an Elda Morrison in the 1930 census but that just made things even more confusing so we avoided it.

Which means we are right back where we started. So can you help us figure out who Elda Morrison is? Please?


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Eric Muhr said...

Elda Morrison was born 29 Jan 1914 in Delta, Colorado, and died 27 Jul 1995 in Riverside, San Bernardino Co., California. She married Theodore Everett Muhr on 03 Sep 1933, son of William Charles Muhr and Alice Broughton. I have a Muhr family photo in which she appears with her husband (and all his brothers and sisters).

Anonymous said...

Elda (Morrison) Muhr is on Find A Grave at Find A Grave Memorial# 48530527. It would be great if her photo could be added. Thank you.