Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Bill Rector Update

We previously asked if anyone knew Bill Rector. And thanks to reader Annie for reminding us that the license plates in Nebraska typically have a county prefix on them. And in the case of our Bill Rector, the car behind him as registered in county 93, known to most of the world as Hooker County.

Once I was able to determine this, I did a basic search online and found a "William Rector" living in Hooker County. But he was too old (or at least appeared to be too old). But, the William Rector I found had two children, which means he could have had a son named William.

After more searching in the census records, I was able to find the following:

William A. Rector (born October 1865 in Missouri) married Alice Speck (born around 1883 in Nebraska). They had three children. Myrtle F. Rector (born around 1902 in Nebraska). William H. Rector (born around 1905 in Nebraska). Arthur B. Rector (born around 1912 in Nebraska).

So, if William H. Rector (the son) was born around 1905, that would make him 24 in the photo. Which looks to be about the right age. Hopefully this has helped in identifying our Bill Rector. Please let us know if you know him.

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Anonymous said...

William Rector, husband of Olive Pauline Morrison, is on Find A Grave at Find A Grave Memorial# 54655937. It would be great if his photo could be added. Thank you.