Monday, August 18, 2008

1944-02-18 - Janet Neville Letter

This letter has no return address on the envelope. However we can see that Miss Neville is living in "Hawthorne" in West Chester, Pennsylvania. While this could be Hawthorne Lane just east of town, the UFO Team firmly believes "Hawthorne" refers to the name of the building Ms. Neville is living in or the school she is attending (just look at the address on this letter from last year).

The Madeira School, which "Doll" (the write of this letter) attended, has a most interesting history. No other information could be found about the letter writer or the two Bills. The Mask & Wig Club appears to be some sort of satirical theater troupe based in Pennsylvania.



The Madeira School
Greenway, Fairfax County

Dearest Nev-

Oh: what a wreck I am. We have had exams all this week. My hard ones are all over though. Mon. I had English Tues. French yesterday Latin and I still have Geom. To go but that is a snap. If it weren’t for exams this week would be devine [sic]. The food has been super and we have had tea every day. [begin page 2] I am now sitting in the dining room writing (undoubtly) [sic] all of us who don’t have exams have to. Most of them are reading mushy magazines.

Did I tell you that Billy asked me up to the Mask & Wig. I really think it is funny. You know he didn’t write me all the 1st term. Well some time [sic] in the last of January I got this letter from him. I really don’t know what’s comming [sic] off. Of course I couldn’t go because it [begin page 3] was last week end & I had exams to study for. I wrote him back and told him and he said he would send all the things about it, programs so forth. I have heard only once from Larry. I answered it and haven’t heard since. And we just don’t talk about the two Bills. I haven’t heard from Foulke for three weeks and Rich hasn’t written yet. Has he written Diane?

This week end is going to be marvelous we don’t [begin page 4] have any work and this Saturday four of us are going into Washington to celebrate.

That is really all there is for now, write soon and be good.

Lots of love

PS. What Bob are you talking about I don’t know any Bob.


- Numerous facts were gathered from the private Richard Family Estate collection. These facts span numerous sources of information and contain genealogical data, photos, and newspaper articles.

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