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1943-10-29 - Janet Neville Letter

The first of several letters originating in foreign countries, this particular letter started in England. Specifically, Somerset. It was written by one Elisabeth Wilbraham of Standerwick Court, Frome, Somerset. While no specific information could be found on Elisabeth, the Wilbraham family appears to be present in England for many centuries.

Unknown at this time. Beyond the small number of references we found to the Wilbraham family, no other information could be derived from the letter.

With that in mind, we were able to determine a few things from the content of the letter itself.
  • Elisabeth appears to be an American in England.
  • Janet and Del could be dating.
  • Elisabeth likes to use postscripts.


Oct 29th 1943
Standerwick Court
Wychwood School
Banbury Rd
Dear Janet
Thank you very much for your letter it is the first one I have received from [“the” is crossed out] the U.S.A. We arrived a little over a week ago. I was quite sorry to leave Portugal as we were having such a wonderful time. We used to swim practically every-day, it was usually so hot that we had to stay in the hotel from about eleven to three in the afternoon. We spent two days in Ireland which wasn’t much. Then something very extraordinary happened which I will tell you about when I next see you which will be very very soon I hope. The food isn’t so bad really, but you can get practically no clothes. I am going to school in a few days, it’s an awful looking school and the girls look pretty bad too, but it is very close to John’s school, Ma and Pa can visit us both at once. I forgot to tell you Lisbon is an amazing looking place, it has palm trees up the middle of the streets, and you always see women going around with enormous things on
[page 2]
their heads, also you see hundreds of donkeys laden with junk, can you imagine seeing all this in New York or Washington. I can speak Portuguese now, I bet that is a language old Mrs Shumway can’t speak.
You must write and tell me all the latest news about Dolly and Billy, how are things going? Also about you and Del.
Please be sure to give me Ann Robb’s address also please give her my love, and tell her to hurry up and write.
I am having a thrilling time, sowing [sic] tapes [“tags” is crossed out] on all my things before I go to school.
I am quite sure this letter makes no sense as I am not concentrating at all, which is very unusual for me, as you know.
Please give my best to all at school, and also to the green team. Much much much
Ask Robb if she knows Mrs Miller as Mrs Miller know [sic] her. Thank you.
PP. S.
Please send me your picture. Thank you.
[written 90 degrees up the side]
Give my love to your “Wannie” and Ma and Pa.
Next time write me a longer letter.


- Numerous facts were gathered from the private Richard Family Estate collection. These facts span numerous sources of information and contain genealogical data, photos, and newspaper articles.

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