Monday, July 21, 2008

1943-09-23 - Janet Neville Letter

Apologies for not being as active as normal. It appears a time dilation device was left on by a researcher in G Department without our knowledge. You would think being able to speed up or slow down the space-time continuum would have given them ample time to distribute the memo, but alas we just received it late last week. We appreciate your patience while we endure our red tape. - UFO Team Captain

Janet Neville will be the focus of our attention for pretty much the rest of the summer. A UFO Team member stumbled upon a large collection of letters and used his per diem money to purchase them. While the accounting department was not happy, the rest of the UFO Team was ecstatic.

To start our Janet Neville adventure, we have this letter from Delmer S. Fahney [spelling may not be correct]. "Del" writes from the Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

The UFO Team is still early in the research stage of Miss Janet Neville, but we hope to learn more about her as we proceed. If you know Ms. Neville or can provide us more information about the topics discussed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dear Janet,
I arrived here at hill [sic] yesterday and all is
well so far. How are you doing at your school? I will still say that I should
have given you a flower, the last time I saw you. I’m really sorry I didn’t. Jan
how is my favorite piece In the Blue of Evening? Va[unreadable]t “and” I almost
forgot to mention how are your pet chickens. Give my regards to your family + do
[begin reverse of page]
and tell me how you are doing. Will see
you soon
Always Del


- The Hill School Web Site, Retrieved on July 20th, 2008 from
- Numerous facts were gathered from the private Richard Family Estate collection. These facts span numerous sources of information and contain genealogical data, photos, and newspaper articles.

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