Monday, February 4, 2008

Rethinking, Retooling, and Reviewing

The UFO Team would like to deeply apologize to all of our readers. We had promised last week to bring you quite an exciting discovery today but there has been a bit of an intervention. The UFO Team has received a warning/request from various Congressional parties to stop publishing our interesting discoveries from Area 51. And in the spirit of CYA, we are taking the following actions.
  1. Rethinking. We are rethinking how and what we publish. As many of you know Area 51 is a private location and nearly every item we have found there is under the governs of private ownership. We therefore need to respect the privacy of those individuals who own or did own the items. And because of that, the UFO Team will rethinking our publishing protocols.
  2. Retooling. We will be retooling what we publish so that more information will remain private. We will also retool our standards for publishing, meaning what gets published and when.
  3. Reviewing. We will reviewing what we have already published. A cursory look shows that some content may be questionable and may need to be removed. And while we know not everything can be removed from the web, we can do our best. If we find anything.

That being said, we'd like to hear your opinions on our situation. Should we continue to share everything we find, or just select items? Should caution be thrown to the wind and all of the secrets of Area 51 be shared? Or should we judiciously edit certain things so that no innocent civilians can be hurt?

After an initial meeting, the Area 51 Team has come to a decision of sorts, but we'd like to think on it for a few nights. And we'd like to hear from you. In the meantime, don't fret too much. The Area 51 Team hasn't given up. We're here to stay and will return with that mysterious "special" item. It just might be a few days before we get final word from our Oversight Committee.

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