Monday, February 18, 2008

Norwegian Family Photos

Special Edition

We will be covering these unique and very rare photos every day for the next ten weeks or so. That's right ten weeks. We will post a photo every day, Monday through Friday. We'll start things off with the photos of the cover and title page then dig into the actual photos themselves.

The UFO Team was shocked to find this miniature photo album stashed away by our purveyor of goods. On his recent trip to the Western Warehouses, our Procurement Officer was able to secure this ancient relic.

This photo album appears to be leather bound and has a dark and heavy grain. The front cover is embossed with a black geometric pattern that looks like scroll or lattice-work. Due to the heavy wear and tear, the binding is currently held in place by scotch tape. The rear of the album is plain and only has a slightly raised border. Holding the covers together is a brass clasp. The inside cover page appears to have some gold leafing and is intricately scripted and decorated.

Unique Marks:
Inside Cover Page - "The Photographir Album" [yes, it is spelled with an "r" on the end]

Unknown, but likely once owned by Olava Hanson.


- Numerous facts were gathered from the private Richard Family Estate collection. These facts span numerous sources of information and contain genealogical data, photos, and newspaper articles.

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