Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Final Risk Analysis

As previously mentioned, the UFO Team has been busy auditing our previous posts to see what private information may have been released to the public. While the very nature of our work is taking, displaying, and discussing photos of objects in a private family collection, we have found the following breaches in privacy:
  1. Private Family Document - ( - This particular post has a private family document that reveals the Age, Weight, Height, and Hair Color of an individual. The individual has been deceased for over 70 years. Risk assessment is nominal.
  2. Private Family Photo - (,
    ( - These four posts each have a private family photograph. None reveal anything that is not already public knowledge. Risk assessment is low.

Final conclusion? While some of our revelations may appear to be revealing to the family's privacy, nothing appears here (with the above exceptions) that is not already public knowledge. Names, birth dates, maiden names, wedding dates, etc. are all a matter of public record if you know where to look for them. Nearly all of the information can easily be found on alone.

With that information in mind, we would also like to make a little disclaimer. The UFO Team is in no way responsible for how this information is used. Some individuals in or out of the family may choose to use our information as some kind of "ammunition" against others. While we may do our best to minimize any private information from being revealed and will do our best to keep a moderate and impartial tone about certain people, we cannot take responsibility for the actions of others. And if you feel there is something here that should be removed, you are always welcome to contact us. We will gladly discuss the item or information in question and determine if it should be removed.

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