Friday, December 14, 2007

Jean Mette UFO

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The UFO Team has decided to not even attempt a guess at where this particular UFO was used last. We've decided to leave it at the simple fact (or best guess) that it is a medical device of some sort. This UFO was discovered in two separate time-space format conditions; one being heavily rusted and pitted from use, the other showing minimal signs of wear and degradation.

The first Jean Mette is heavily rusted in several places. The general size and shape is similar to a cigarette lighter. The body is made of brass or a brass-like metal that has a yellow and golden color. One end of the body is rounded and has a slight bulge. The other end is flat and has a small notch. The shape is almost like a musical note. The reverse of the body has a small pry mark area where a cover can be removed. The small notch is continued around like a bead on a piece of decorative molding.

On one side is a steel or iron shaft the runs parallel most of the length of the body. The shaft is attached via a small clasp that protrudes from the body. The end of the shaft is pointed on one end (nearest the round end of the body) and tapered on the other.

When looking at the shaft protruding from the body, there are two other pieces of steel or iron protruding from the end of the body. One is curved in a slight semi-circle and the other is straight with a curved blade-like end. The blade-like end is broken.

The second Jean Mette UFO is nearly identical in shape and size. Differences include a shaft that is more flat, than point at the curved end. It also has grooves for a presumably better grip. Also, the blade-like end is intact and looks like a curved cutting blade in the shape of a number 7. The shaft of the 7 would be inside the body of the case while the top represents the blade. Another difference is the body has a screw in place on the curved end near the shaft.

One final difference in the second Jean Mette is the presence of a storage case and another blade-like item. The case is a black exterior made of a leather-like material. Inside is a red velvet material with the name "JEAN METTE" in gold on the reverse of the lid. The body of the UFO lays in the bottom. On the reverse of the lid is a small strap that, when pulled, exposes another blade-like device in the shape of a 7. This particular blade has a sharper point on the sharp end and also shows a small hole on the other end, possibly for the screw. While the blade in the body is generally in good shape, the one in the case is slightly rusted.

Unique Marks:
Reverse of Box Lid - JEAN METTE

This device, if it actually is a medical device used in child birth, was likely owned by Olava (Hanson) Richard. She immigrated from Norway in 1873 and nearly ten years later moved to Nebraska where she lived with her husband, William. She is rumored to have been a mid-wife or person of import in a similar capacity (nurse, physician's assistant, etc.).



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