Monday, December 17, 2007

Identification Update - Jean Mette UFO

Identification Update:
Thanks to a quick email, the UFO Team was able to discover more information about the Jean Mette UFO. According to an email from Olav Hamran, Senior Curator at the Norsk Teknisk Museum, this particular item is called a "sneppert" in Norwegian or a "fleam" in English. It is more commonly known as a "lancet" or "spring lancet."

Based on this information, we were able to uncover several other photos and references to this item online. The item was often used in blood-letting and was likely also used by mid-wives as they were often more accessible than doctors in the country.

See the references below for more information.

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Jeanette Granstrom said...

Oh my goodness! I have one also that looks just like yours. I know that it is a blood letting device because my son works at a museum and saw one like ours although ours is in much better condition. Ours has no rust and has another lancet when you pull down the tab. I got it from my ex-husband who's family are Norwegian's who were fisherman in Poulsbo, Washington for several generations.
I have been doing internet research to learn more about it and what it's value is. So far I have not seen any as in as good a condition as mine. Yours is the only one that is exactly like mine although mine looks much newer with no rust and has two other attachments. I am so glad that I found your site because I can let my kids know since they don't know much about their Norwegian heritage.
Thanks for your posting.
Jeanette R. Granstrom

TK42ONE said...

Glad I could help! Just wish I had more information to share.