Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Elgin Sidewinder

Continuing the watch series, we no get to look at a different breed of UFO. The Sidewinder.

As with the First Elgin Watch, this Elgin comes to us from one Benjamin Richard. Being a railroad employee, he appears to have had a fancy for watch-like UFOs. This particular Elgin was discovered next to the first. Traveling in pods or small groups seems to keep them safe.

This Elgin watch shows the distinctive side winder with a winder at the 3 o'clock position. The face is white with black hour numbers all facing up (relative to the 12 o'clock position). Each five minute period is marked in red, all facing inward toward the center of the dial. Where the 6 o'clock hour would be located is a smaller dial for the seconds. These are numbered for every ten seconds in black, each number facing up (again relative to the 12 o'clock). The hour and minute hands are black with spade-like ends while the second hand is a straight shaft.

The front of the case has small indentations evenly spaced to provide grip during removal. This pattern is duplicated on the reverse cover.

The winder has some rust damage.

Both front and back are silver in color with no visible pattern.

When the front face is removed, a number (0377376) is located under the front cover. There is also a small relief cut out for a latch between the 25 and 27 minute mark. As with the first Elgin, there are numerous numbers and symbols located under the rear cover and on the inner workings.

Unique Marks:
Under the front cover - 0377376

On the reverse of the rear cover - Nickel, Illinois, Watch Case, Co., Silver, 377376, 8-25-10*, M954*, M077*, B5116*, 7057GB*, KA606*, W11,859*, W14,769* - *Hand etched markings.

On the inner workings of the watch - 11753602, Adjusted, 17 Jewels, Safety Pinion, Elgin Nat'l Watch Co., U. S. A.

Go here for a technical read-out of this particular watch.

- Model 2
- Class 103
- 17 Jewels
- Adjusted to 2 positions
- Size 18
- Made in 1904
- Grade 307
- Hunter Case
- Full Plate
- Gold Gilded
- Stem Wound
- Lever Set
- 5 Beats Per Second
- Standard Grade


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Special Thanks:
- Special thanks to Kurt R. A. Giambastiani. This private hobbyist and watch uber-enthusiast is also known for his popular Fallen Cloud saga books and for being an all-around great guy.

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