Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Joy in the Journey - April 30, 1997

Wed. Apr. 30, '97

Dear Lord,
At the moment, it is really Thurs. morning - Thank-you that you answer prayer. Last night we honored the Annual National Day of Prayer a few hours early, with some of our church family here in our (my) living-room and others in Wayne + Christina's home. Here there were Gordon + Teri Babbitt, Gene, Joanne, Terry + Mary, Marian, Mavis, Kenny, Donald + myself.

Thank-you for Frank, who is a "Handyman" and works some at Ace Hardware. He put in a new garbage disposal and repaired the kitchen faucet (I had never met him before).

Thank-You, Lord. Irv says he would fly with Mark this summer for a visit here. Please let us work this out for the best of all involved.

Thank-you that all refreshments were here in my freezers already! Thank-You, dear Lord, for your guidance! Amen

It is no surprise that Dorothy took part in the National Day of Prayer. She has long been a devout Christian and from her journal entries it is clear that she believes in and loves God. Most interesting to some of us is the fact that she placed trust in this unknown man, Frank from Ace Hardware, to come work in her home. Being a recent widow, we know there is not a lot of household repairs she would (or could) have done on her own. But in today's world, that level of trust is hard to come by.

An interesting side note is that mark, Dorothy's grandson, was scheduled to fly out for a visit. Irv, who was going to fly with Mark, is Dorothy's son and Mark's uncle.

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