Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joy in the Journey - April 29, 1997

Tues. Apr. 29, 1997

Dear God + Father of us all,
You are so awesome.. to think you sent your die for our sins. That is truly amazing. Thank-You. Thank-you for Casey, my dog. Thank-You for your love + guidance, for Bible Study Fellowship, for Aquicaise Classes, for Gene + Joanne take me to our local high-school last night to hear the band (that was one of the few in the nation chosen to play for the Inaugural parade in Wash. D.C. in January.), and the choir and the Watsonville English Brass Band! How uplifting music can be. Ted would have loved it all, including the spaghetti dinner! And the French horns (tears and "Send in the Clowns" Diana would have loved (more tears going down my cheeks [she drew a frowny face with tears]. Now, I pray for Gary, Laurie & their attorneys, Willie, Alfred, Sylvester, Travis, Ivan + Mark, for Ray + Yvonne, Jim Canaday, Marian + for my Sue. You know their needs. Please let them accept your guidance and direction. Thank-You, Lord. Amen

Based on our research, the high school marching band that performed in the Inaugural Parade in 1997 was from the North Monterey County High School. This would have been President Clinton's second inauguration. The "Casey" mentioned is her pet poodle. The Watsonville English Brass Band appears to have changed their name to the Pacific Brass Band.

The "Ted" mentioned is her second husband, Ted Hollingsworth, who had passed away before she began keeping this journal. He played the French horn in his earlier days. The mention of "Send in the Clowns" and Diana is a reference to her daughter Diana Brown who died just hours apart from her husband Ted. The song "Send in the Clowns" was apparently one of her favorites and was played at her funeral. Surely hearing this song and hearing the French horns was quite moving for Dorothy. We can only imagine what she was thinking at the time.

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