Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do You Know Howard Wagner?

Do You Know Howard Wagner?

As usual, our Research Team is coming up with either not enough information, or too much. When we search on Howard Wagner in Nebraska in the 1930s, we come up short when using basic search tools. When we refine our search to more genealogical sites, we find many potential candidates. In the end, we are left with nothing but wonder and more questions.

The closest candidate was one Roy Howard Wagner, born February 6, 1891 in Comstock, Nebraska. In 1917, he was working as a railway brakeman for the Chicago & Northwestern Railway. He was single and had blue eyes with light hair. This last clue is as close as we can get to a link between this particular candidate and the person we are looking for. You can see in the photos below, our Howard Wagner has light or blond hair. But we do not feel comfortable taking a firm stance that this is our mystery man because his age would not quite match what we estimate based on the photos.

As you can see, we are still lost. So if you know who our Howard Wagner is, please let us know.


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