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1899-06-04 - Galey Letter

Yet another letter written to Mr. A. P. Galey. This one is addressed to his residence in Monon, Indiana (White County). The postmark shows it originated from Otterbein, Ohio. Opposite the letter appears to be a separate note or a letter started and unfinished to someone else. It says:

how is business & what is Rankins a doing are they trading [unreadable ] now

How it relates to the original is unknown. The letter itself does bear an interesting design of a purple, green, and yellow flower.

This letter shows the appearance of one of Galey's nicknames, "Eck."



June 4 – 99

Mr. A P Galey
Well Eck I wrote to you for the debts of them notes some
time ago & have not received a reply yet & have wrote to W M for my
money but [unreadable] has not come so I would like to know the reason why I can
not here from there they told me at home that W M had gone to Iowa & I would
like to know rather he was come home yet or not – I have been up a lone
Monticello looking for a farm for sale [unreadable] & would buy [unreadable]
– if I was sure of my money but I only have until Tuesday to take it – in so you
see I am in the soup to know what to do the reason I want the dates is so I will
know what the interest is on each of them in haste.

J [unreadable] Gaby


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