Wednesday, May 14, 2008

UFO Razors

While these were likely used along side our previous shaving kit (found here and here), it is possible that these were the replacements.

The razor box is black in color and made from a medium to low quality cardboard or paper material. The box separates into a roughly 60/40 split with the top half having a crushed end. The top and bottom halves show distinctive print.

The razor handle has a mother of pearl look with gold brackets on each end. The blade is marked on both sides by the manufacturer and still holds a sharp edge. The blade is square at the business end and shows some signs of rust near the hinge.

Unique Marks:
The box has "E. C. SIMMONS" and "KEEN KUTTER" printed on the bottom. The top of the box has "SIMMONS HARDWARE CO MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTERS USA" printed on it.

The blade has "GENCO" and "HENRY'S XXX" on one side with "GENEVA NY USA" stamped near the hinge. The reverse of the blade has "HENRY'S XXX" printed on it.

Keen Kutter blades were sold by Simmon's Hardware stores. Based on the catalogs of the time, Simmon's sold a plethora of goods from axes to hammers.

The Henry's XXX blade was produced by Geneva Cutlery Company, based out of Geneva, New York. They used the GENCO trademark from about 1902 to 1935.


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