Friday, May 9, 2008

UFO Pill Box

The UFO Team has a saying around here; "The smaller the box, the greater the treasure." And this particular pill box lives up to that adage. Discovered like so many of the other items, tucked away in a dark corner, this little diamond in the rough is quite intriguing. We can only guess what ailment the medicine was to treat and who was prescribed it.

Small in size, roughly double the size of a quarter, this pill box opens in the middle. When split like a wafer cookie, the interior is red and has small stains. The exterior is brown, likely constructed of a rough cardboard material. The reverse is blank while the top has the name and address of the pharmacy pre-printed on it with the dosage written by hand.

Unique Marks:
Top - "Mueller's Pharmacy, 203 Jefferson Ave. Detroit" is pre-printed; by hand is written " Two pills every 3 hours"

Jefferson Street in Detroit was named such sometime after 1807. The family that likely owned this didn't arrive in the Detroit area until some decades later (around 1870) and left for Nebraska in the mid to late 1880s.


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