Friday, November 30, 2007

Jewelry Box

This UFO was last seen in the bottom of the sock drawer. Or the underwear drawer. Seeing as both potential locations bear a striking resemblance, the UFO Team was unable to determine exactly which location it came from. After countless hours of research, we have been able to discover the previous owner.

The item is square with a hinged lid. The exterior is covered in a polyester-like material that has a slight metallic shimmer to it. The exterior is also labeled with the previous owner's name on a standard label maker label. The interior has a silk-like fabric lining the top and a felt covered cardboard material in the bottom. Attached to the bottom are two pins.

The left pin is round with a base color of brass. The pin has a crescent shaped moon with two circles and two stars inside the moon. [Assuming the moon is at the bottom of the pin, the right most point of the moon is connected to a flower. At the top of the pin is a green, red, and blue design of unknown origin. The green area looks like a letter "T" that flares out at the bottom in both directions. There is a red circle on the left and a blue line in the middle. Between the green "T" and the moon is some sort of ribbon design.] After further research, it was discovered that this pin was a Rebekah lapel pin. The crescent moon is actually on the right side and the green "T" is actually a green "R."

The right pin is round and bears the words "PAST GRAND" in an arch across the top. At the bottom, between the "P" in PAST and the "D" in GRAND are three interlocking circles. From left to right, each circle is filled with a different color, red, white, and blue respectively. In the middle of the pin is a five pointed star filled with white.

Unique Marks:
The exterior of the box is labeled with the name "CLAUD RICHARD," the previous owner. Inside, the right pin is marked "PAST GRAND."

The right pin inside is labeled as "PAST GRAND" and bears one of the emblems of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF). You can gather some history about the Order from their website. You can also read the article below about the previous owner obtaining the rank of Noble Grand.


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