Monday, November 26, 2007

The First UFO

The First UFO was discovered in the bottom of a dusty and dirty tote. Well, the tote was clean, but everything inside was dirty enough to leave a thin coating of grime everywhere. It originated on a farm just south of Oconto, Nebraska, a small town in the center of the state.

The front is gold in color with a raised design on the front that has a red background. The design appears to be water fountain with flowers. The back has an engraving that says "DUSKA" and below it "Langlois, New York." The "DUSKA" appears to be in a different font. The cover is held by a clasp that opens easily. Inside is a hinged mirror-like flap. Both sides are reflective metal. The rear of the design is visible inside. There also appears to be a residue of some sort inside that is a powder of pinkish-white in color.

Unique Marks:
The front has a fountain with flowers. The rear has "DUSKA" engraved as well as "Langlois, New York."

Based on various web-sites, this was an Art Deco Compact. The following description is from

"This lovely gold and red enameled metal Langlois Duska Art Deco compact, from the early 1920's, still contains, on the inside, the original mirror. The front features a gold embossed fountain over a red enamel background - the back features, in gold, a honeycomb design and a small square medallion etched with - DUSKA - Langlois - New York. Measures about 2 1/4 inches in diameter x about 1/4 inch in height and although a little worn with age, is otherwise in excellent condition."


Reference:, Retrieved November 26, 2007 from,duska-langlois-art,1201102.html

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