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Black Composition Book - #0


February 20, 1994 8:06 PM

Neil was laying in bed listening to his Nirvana CD. It was then that he finally realized what his destiny was, but unfortunately it would take several days of careful planning for it to be completed.

His first item to be completed was his ultimate destination. Since Neil could not decide upon this, he decided to find a temporary residence instead. It wasn't until a few days later did he decide to go to the islands in the Caribbean. now he just needed to disappear from the face of the earth.



In order to vanish Neil needed to work out some minor details about how soon he could.

First he had to withdraw his $2,987.51 from his savings account at NSWC Federal Credit Union. But that could wait until he had gotten [to] Fredericksburg. Then he needed to wait until the BMW had a full tank of gas because the Suburban didn't get that good of gas mileage. Of course he had to have clothes to wear. He decided to take a wide range of clothes, everything from a blue suit to cut off blue jean shorts. He also packed survival supplies that included a pump .22 rifle, several knifes [sic], two compasses, several maps, a survival booklet, a whistle, and camouflage. He took a .380 caliber automatic pistol made by Llama. It had a seven-round clip full of hollow points. But this was to be used for self-defense only. Neil packed an internal frame backpack with a tent, rope, water bottles, straps, and two carabiners. he also took an axe and a shovel handle. And that was all of the big items he took.


Neil had finally decided upon a date of action, March 18. He had nearly a month of planning so the trip would have to be a success. The only things he had to do before departing were to withdraw his money, pack his stuff, say good-bye to his friends, fill the gas tank, and to renew his passport. He had one week left before he started his class of Vanishing, 101.


It was now Friday, March 18. Neil had less than 12 hours before he left home forever. In the past week he had withdrawn all $2,987.51 from his account, he had gotten his passport, and the BMW was full of gas.

In school Neil turned in all his books. He said good-bye to some of his close friends like "the Duke" [John Gilmore] , "Beckskew" [Becky Boyd] , "M2" [that's M squared] [Mandy Minichiello] , "Harley" [Amanda Clift] , "Not So Tiny Tim" [Tim Goerlitz] , "Always Ready Freddie" [Freddy Sweet] , and "Wrong Way Soto" [Richard Soto]. he only said good-bye to one teacher, Mr. "P," [John Picariello] before he went home.

When Neil got home, the only thing he had to do was put his stuff in the BMW. Since he had already told his dad he was going out tonight, all he did was leave a note that he was leaving a little early to do some shopping.

It was 3:33 PM, Friday, March 18, 1994. It was time to depart.


Neil woke with a start. For a few seconds he thought he was back home in his bed. Then he realied that he wasn't at home. In fact he was nowhere near home. Neil was in his motel room in Perth, Ontario.

He had driven through the night hoping to make [it] to at least Canada.

Well this was painful to transcribe. Not only because I could feel the emotions I had at the time I wrote it but also because of the insane lack of spelling, grammar, and writing skills. Makes me want to gag at how poorly written this was. But, it was written. Thus it must live on in infamy as a point in history for all others to learn by.

- Richard, Neil. (1994). Untitled. Private Collection.
- Numerous facts were gathered from the private Richard Family Estate collection. These facts span numerous sources of information and contain genealogical data, photos, and newspaper articles.

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