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Joy in the Journey - Friday, May 2, 1997

Friday, May 2, 1997

Good-Morning, Lord!

Thank-you for Nicole, our teacher in Aquacise. She asked me today if I am a Christian. It shows - thank-you, thank-you so much that I am growing in your Love, adn I am trying to be more obedient to Your Will. I pray today for Gayle + Bobby as they are with Irma, Bobby's sister who is fighting leukemia. I ask you to comfort Marian. Guide Mark B. as he works with our (church) teens + boys at the "home" where he works also. I pray for Ivan, Sylvester + Travis specifically. I pray for Betty Bell -- give her peace, Lord. I pray for Willie and Alfred and for Idella + Richard their grandparents. Please be with [redacted] + his attorney, with [redacted] + her attorney. Please let this divorce situation be resolved for the best for all, particularly [redacted], [redacted] + [redacted].

If it is Your will, help us to know how, + when to have [redacted] + [redacted] fly here this summer.

Thank-You, Jesus, for giving your life for all of us. How unbelievably awesome. Thank-You, Holy Spirit for being here and now to guide us with each step of the way.

Now, please guide me as I bathe, dress and drive to Watsonville to have lunch with Emma, and yes, I pray for Danny + Emma - and for "my" [redacted] + and his throat + for "my" [redacted] and her physical problem. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

We redacted several names of people, both living and deceased, to protect their privacy. Some background on Gayle and Bobby and his sister Irma. Gayle and Bobby were married at the time and traveled from their home in Pennsylvania to Irma's home in Maryland. They arrived an hour after she died. Irma, and her husband Ronald, lived in Southern Maryland next to Bobby and Irma's mother. Ronald was a former Marine. They had a white dog and a poly-dactyl cat. Their house had a screened in porch and a basement. Their kitchen had a small table where they'd listen to the radio while eating breakfast.

We found it odd that she mentions that she's going to "bathe" but we have determined that this was just the way she thought, spoke, and wrote.

In our research, we were unable to locate or identify any other names listed.

- Hollingsworth, D. B. (1997). Joy in the Journey. Private Collection.
- Numerous facts were gathered from the private Richard Family Estate collection. These facts span numerous sources of information and contain genealogical data, photos, and newspaper articles.

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