Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do you know Floyd and Inda Brown?

Do you know Floyd and Inda Brown?

We sort of know them, but only in passing. We found a few photos of them in our UFO collection and need your help in finding out how she is related to the matriarch of our family tree, Bertha (Phillips) Richard.

In three of the four photos we have, Inda Brown (there is speculation that it is spelled "Linda" but we have no sources that can confirm that) and Bertha Richard (Bertha married in 1936 so she would have used her married name). These three photos are all dated to May and June 1937 and have several of the same women in all three. Based on Bertha's known (and assumed) timeline, we also assume that the photos were all taken in Nebraska.

The fourth image is identified as Floyd and Inda Brown with no date. We therefore assume that "Brown" is Inda's married name and that Floyd is her husband. Although there is a chance that "Brown" is Inda's maiden name and Floyd is her brother.

Any help in identifying Floyd or Inda Brown or any of the women in the photos with Inda and Bertha would be appreciated.


May 1937

June 1937

June 1937

Floyd and Inda Brown

- Numerous facts were gathered from the private Richard Family Estate collection. These facts span numerous sources of information and contain genealogical data, photos, and newspaper articles.


Paul in NJ said...

I blew up the photo as best I could, and I'm not convinced that Floyd and Inda are husband and wife. He looks to be in his 20s; she looks older to me -- maybe in her 40s or more. Granted, Depression-era life was hard, and prematurely aged people...

...but here is a family tree which shows a Floyd Brown and his mother, Inda Johnson, of Texas. Floyd was born in 1917, while Inda was born in 1887.

TK42ONE said...

Paul - First, I obviously don't have all the details on who these people are (thus my posting them to find out more about them). Second, your theory does hold some weight as she does look older in the one photo with Floyd. Third, since I'm not sure if they're married, they could be mother/son or even brother/sister.

But, I have to say I don't think that's the same Floyd and Inda you have in the link you sent. Since the Floyd you linked to was born in 1917 and died in 1928, that would make him only 11 when he died.

So, good catch on the age difference. But we're still back to the question of who they are.