Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do you remember any historical events during your childhood?

Do you remember any historical events during your childhood?

I was born in the year of our bicentennial, so I clearly do not remember the celebrations surrounding that. There were some events that I can vaguely recall as I grew up. I was old enough when the Berlin Wall fell to know it was important. I was old enough to be nervous when I flew over Mount St. Helens and saw smoke (it erupted in 1980 and I think I flew over it about five years later). And I was old enough to know something very bad happened when the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up.

But I think what sticks out most in my mind was the solar eclipse. Based on what data I could find in my research, the eclipse occurred on May 30, 1984 (a Wednesday) before lunchtime on the East Coast of North America. What I remember most is that our teachers continually told us not to look directly at the sun or at the eclipse. I vaguely recall making a little pinhole viewer that reflected the eclipse onto a piece of paper so you could watch the moon move across the sun.

What I do remember clearly is sitting on the classroom floor, looking out a little side window with the rest of my class, waiting for it to happen. I am not sure what grade I was in (probably second grade), but I thought it was the coolest thing to sit there and look out the window.


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