Thursday, October 8, 2009

What is your most memorable birthday?

What is your most memorable birthday?

I would have to say my seventh (7th) birthday was my most memorable. I remember I got a shirt with a number "7" on it (it was a favorite for a long time) and I got a giant cookie instead of a cake. You know, one of those cookies from the Great American Cookie Company? It was huge and had a ton of icing (chocolate and white icing) all around the edges and plenty in the middle.

What I remember most about the birthday though was we had some of the cookie and put the left overs in the garage fridge/freezer. So every day I'd sneak out and grab a bite or scrape some icing off. On the way to school, coming back from school, before dinner, any chance I could, I'd go out and sneak a bite. I have no idea if my dad ever knew about it or not, but it tasted so good.

Obviously this photo is not when I turned seven. Instead it is my first birthday, one that I don't remember. But that cake looks mighty tasty.

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