Sunday, March 2, 2008

Norwegian Family Photos - Day 10 - Sunday Special

The UFO Team felt like having a Sunday Special since we were all working today. We hope you enjoy!

Man with key on chain

Identity: Unknown

Man with sideburns and glasses

Identity: Unknown

Woman with hands in lap [rosy cheeks are possibly hand-tinted]

Identity: Unknown

Smiling man with bow tie [one of the few smiling men in the collection]

Identity: Unknown

Mother and son [photo on on thick, flexible, negative-like film]

Identity: Unknown


Anonymous said...

Is her right arm on the chair armrest? Or is something in her lap? I can't tell.


TK42ONE said...

If you're talking about the woman in the middle (labeled as "woman with hands in lap"), then yes, I think her arm is resting on the armrest and it also looks like she's holding something with her hands too. Almost like a cane or umbrella.